The History Channel: Army Ranger School ()

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Descriptions The History Channel: Army Ranger School

The Army Ranger School video is a 1-hr documentary of Ranger School class 10-00, which follows that group from RAP through the graduation. Although it skips some days for the sake of brevity, the essence of the school is captured well (at least insofar as someone who hasn’t done it can tell). It included interviews with many RIs and students throughout the course. It also has good footage of the Darby Queen, mountain phase, etc. Memorable moments in the documentary include a field expedient surgery to treat a Brown Recluse bite under one soldier’s eye; a soldier falling asleep and prematurely triggering an ambush by squeezing the trigger in his sleep; several soldiers being kicked out for losing weapons; footage of soldiers being told they would be recycled in Florida; and plenty of shots of soldiers “droning.”
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