KanZeOn (2011)

Release : 2011-09-11
Genre : Documentary
Runtime : 87 minutes
Company : Cinema Iloobia
Cast :
Language : ja

Descriptions KanZeOn

An unusual documentary exploring sound. Unique elements of Japanese culture are revealed through ancient rituals and extraordinary musical spectacles. A young Buddhist priest whose family has been serving a temple for the past 500 years is also a DJ and beat-boxer. A drum teacher takes part in a costume performance of a 700-year-old ghost story. A female performer plays the Sho, a rare bamboo instrument that is believed to imitate the call of the mythical phoenix. The core ideas explaining the magical potential of sound that permeates all parts of the film are presented in the tradition of Shingon Buddhism. These beliefs are explored through following Buddhist chanting lessons for student priests at Shuchiin University in Kyoto.

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