The Secret Life of Plants (1979)

Release : 1979-12-09
Genre : Family, Documentary
Runtime : 95 minutes
Company : Infinite Enterprises
Cast : Ruby Crystal, John Ashley Hamilton, Eartha Robinson, Peter Tompkins, Elizabeth Vreeland
Language : fr, en

Descriptions The Secret Life of Plants

The story is a documentary of research that shows fairly conclusively that plants are actually aware of what goes on around them, even miles away. It is somewhat humorous in the methods it uses to prove the secret life of plants, but thought-provoking in the conclusions it arrives at. The most wonderful thing about the film is the soundtrack. This is original music composed by Stevie Wonder. There is even a scene in the film of Stevie singing one of his songs in a boat on a river. This scene is very moving, as Stevie is blind and yet able to know where he is going. The scene is the climax to the movie, and metaphoric as to what has been presented about plants, that although they don’t seem to have senses as human beings and animals do, they are quite well aware of what is going on around them and where they fit into this in the evolutionary process.

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