White Snake Woman (1958)

Release : 1958-06-15
Genre : Horror, Drama
Runtime : 67 minutes
Company : Daiei Motion Picture Co., Ltd.
Cast : Shoji Umewaka, Tamao Nakamura, Ikuko Môri, Toshio Chiba, Sentaro Izumi, Rumiko Komachi
Language : ja

Descriptions White Snake Woman

While transporting a bride-to-be in a closed carriage (kago) while during a thunderstorm, a group of servants and onlookers suddenly come upon an apparition of a ghostly white-draped female figure floating down to the ground. As she turns to face the crowd, the woman reveals the disfigured right side of her face. As the procession stands in utter horror, the ghost then takes flight again and down a side street. After the shock wears off, the bride is checked on and everyone is safe in the group. Once the wedding party finally arrives at the groom’s home, they apologize for the delay… and proceed to open the kago, only to realize that the bride-to-be is now missing… and all that’s left in the carriage is a single white snake slithering about.

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