El Deseo en Otoño (1972)

Release : 1972-04-26
Genre :
Runtime : 99 minutes
Company :
Cast : Maricruz Olivier, Guillermo Murray, Sonia Furió, Silvia Mariscal, Juan Peláez, Pilar Sen
Language : es

Descriptions El Deseo en Otoño

The story concerns a young woman named Elena who ascends from rags to riches when she inherits a substantial fortune; having no one else with whom she can share the monies, she invites her best friend, Clara, to move into her home and enjoy the wealth with her. All fares well until Elena falls in love with a male suitor – and thus threatens to jeopardize Clara’s place in the household and her share of the spoils. Indignant, Clara vows to do everything in her power to prevent this new romance from blossoming.
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