Taxii ()

Release :
Genre : Thriller
Runtime : 12 minutes
Company : Gypsy Atma, Dhudiya Entertainment, LN Films, Dhudiya Pictures
Cast : Riya Khaund, Sanjeev Tiwari, Avdhesh Kumar, Dharam Chandal
Language : hi

Descriptions Taxii

The film is a thriller. The story begins when a girl is waiting at bus stop for a taxi to reach her home. She is troubled as she is not getting any taxi plus the darkness of that night is making her loose courage. The silence of that place and barking street dogs filled her with fear. All of a sudden she sees an old man approaching towards her with a wicked smile on his face. She is petrified and her heart starts beating fast. She wanted to run away but saw a taxi coming and feels better. She finally boards a taxi and is relieved now. But when the driver starts showing his true colours she goes through different emotions of fear and anger. It will be interesting to know what happens next with that girl.

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