Spirit Warrior: Regent of Darkness (1994)

Release : 1994-01-07
Genre : Animation
Runtime : 101 minutes
Company :
Cast :
Language :

Descriptions Spirit Warrior: Regent of Darkness

A haunted statue is stolen from a room under high security and the thief goes unnoticed and doesn’t leave a trail. Fearing the the thief/thieves are supernatural in nature, the owner of the statue hires mystics to investigate its disappearance.
It’s the characters in this anime production that make it enjoyable. The villian of the film doesn’t steal the statue because he’s evil and wants to `destroy the world’ which would be typical in a lesser film. No, instead in this, the villian was born with a skill that was relatively useless in today’s society but has found an outlet to really show off what he can do.
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