Kesempatan Dalam Kesempitan (1985)

Release : 1985-07-16
Genre : Comedy
Runtime : 92 minutes
Company : PT. Parkit Films
Cast : Dono, Kasino, Indro, Lydia Kandou, Lia Waroka, Kaharuddin Syah
Language : id

Descriptions Kesempatan Dalam Kesempitan

Dono works in a cigarette agency. Kasino works in a car workshop. They recommend Indro to work in Tina and Santi’s boarding house. Comedy happens when Indro’s girlfriend and her father pay a visit. Indro has to arrange Tina and Santi’s living space, so that he won’t be suspected of anything. More comedy arises when Santi’s fanatical mother also visits. Then Kasino drives Dono’s girlfriend and the car crashes. The car manages to be sold but then the buyer demands his money back. Dono has to hold a boxing match with the buyer.

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